About us...

The "Stuttgarter Spielkreis" was founded in 1947 with the purpose of preserving
and cultivating German traditions and customs. Special emphasis has been put on folkdances and folksongs. Besides dancing, singing and practising music our activities include flag swinging, handicrafts and theatre. Joining people of all age-groups in common activities has been a major aspect of our work.

 Our costumes have been sewn according to traditional cuts and patterns from the places the bearers or their ancestors come from. We wear our costumes on holidays and for the various performances of the group.

 We do performances from 10 minutes to 3 hours duration and show mainly German dances. Other than dances we present folksongs, instrumental music (violin, accordion, recorder), and flag swinging. Depending on the type of performance we also include dances with the public and invite the public to sing with us.

 Every Thursday we have our regular practise evenings where we dance and sing. Main emphasis is put on German dances but good contacts to a number of foreign groups have made their dances quite popular, too, among us. And so, at some performances, even foreign dances are included in the program.

 In the beginning of May, in October and sometimes in the summer period we usually have one or more foreign groups staying with us. In the recent past we’ve had visitors from Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, Hungary and Scotland. Our group in turn has visited France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Finland, Poland, Russia, Croatia, and the U.S. to present German dances, songs and music.

 Visits of foreign groups and trips to foreign countries are just as much regular parts of our annual schedule as performances of the mystery play "Totentanz" in November and of the "Oberuferer Christgeburtsspiel", a play about the birth of Jesus, in December. In addition to that we arrange several dances. The third Sunday of advent our festive Christmas celebration is the last group activity every year.

 In 2007, the year of our 60th anniversary, we arranged a flag swinging event with international participation.

Contact: Regine Neumann